Understanding a Data-driven Approach to Human Risk Quantification

We are excited to be included in the recent Forrester report "Now Tech: Security Awareness And Training, Q4 2021.” The report overviews a diverse set of vendors that aim to provide security leaders solutions that “measure and manage risky behavior, improve security posture, and elevate cybersecurity culture.”1

SecurityAdvisor is included in Human Risk Quantification segment, which provides “a data-driven approach to human behavior change.” Forrester notes that human risk quantification vendors use a data-driven approach to quantify human risk leveraging security technology integrations to measure risky behavior. Security leaders use these tools to allocate resources and intervene with the people who need the most education. Read more: Forrester Now Tech: Security Awareness And Training, Q4 2021 (the report is available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase.)
Our unique security awareness solution creates positive security outcomes through real-time behavior risk reduction. By leveraging API integrations with existing security technologies, like CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, Netskope, etc., our platform automatically identifies risky user behavior and delivers a personalized microlesson in real time. This ensures that only those that need training the most are receiving it. This human-centric, data-driven approach provides on-the-spot, right-sized knowledge to only those that need it in a helpful, supportive way that reduces risky behavior and helps create a positive cyberculture
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