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 Week 1 - Be Cyber Smart 

Highlight the best security practices and focus on general cyber hygiene to keep your information safe. Creating strong passwords and using multi-factor authentication, backing up your data, and updating your software are great places to start.

 Week 2 - Fight the Phish 

Phishing attacks and scams have grown in popularity since the COVID pandemic began in 2020, with attacks accounting for more than 80 percent of reported security incidents today. Use this week to stress the importance of being wary of emails, text messages, or chat boxes that come from a stranger or someone unexpected. Think before you click on any suspicious emails, links, or attachments.


 Week 3 - Explore, Experience & Share

Cybercriminals use different methods of infiltration, like phishing emails, utilizing risky websites and apps, taking advantage of employees’ weak passwords, and so on. Employees themselves are the first line of defense for a company. As such, cybersecurity initiatives need to be directed towards fortifying their employees. Educate and evangelize smart cyber behavior.


 Week 4 - Cybersecurity First

Make cybersecurity training a priority and part of employee onboarding and keep cybersecurity at the forefront with the necessary training and tools to keep your organization safe.


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