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How Security Leaders Can Handle the Risky Behavior of Remote Workers

With compromised data and crippling security breaches on the rise, CISOs must ensure that every asset within the organization is secure against growing information security risks. While implementing the right policies, tools, and strategies is a crucial part of the job, many security leaders overlook securing their employees, who are arguably an organization's most important asset.

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The Challenge with Changing Risky User Behaviors

Today, the marketplace for advanced and sophisticated phishing prevention and protection technologies is booming— yet cybercriminals are still finding ways to bypass these safeguards regularly. The reason? They’re focusing on organizations’ employees, not their tech stack. To combat this, organizations need to consistently evaluate their security strategy and, more importantly, need to understand the human element of their security posture and threat potential at any given time.

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How Can Security Aid Innovation?

At ZestMoney, we pride ourselves in our innovative workforce and our technology is the backbone of our company. Given our rapid growth and as a fintech company, we take our responsibility to secure our customer data very seriously and to protect our employees from malicious actors. Historically, security has been the enemy of innovation as restrictive rules are imposed on employees preventing them from embracing the latest technology. We've adopted a cutting-edge security strategy that places our employees at the center of our cybersecurity and relies on technology to keep us safe. This blog documents our efforts to create a best-in-class security program.

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