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Human Firewall

Human Behavior Creates a Cyberculture

Businesses that invest heavily in cybersecurity tend to prioritize technology over the human factor, which continues to be the primary risk of cybersecurity. Cybercriminals use different methods of infiltration, like phishing emails, utilizing risky websites and apps, taking advantage of employees’ weak passwords, and so on. Employees themselves are the first line of defense for a company. As such, cybersecurity initiatives need to be directed towards fortifying their employees.

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Create the Human Firewall by Identifying Riskiest Users

While the flexibility of hybrid work is a boon to busy workers, security leaders face a challenging new work environment. As remote and hybrid work become permanent fixtures for organizations, businesses increase their human attack surface. Employees have always engaged in risky behaviors, but with the rise of hybrid work, employees now use personal and work devices interchangeably. As a result, their actions may have a hazardous effect on the security of the company. Without a physical office and an on-premises network, remote employees are more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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